Biography of Lucky the Leprechaun

  Biography of  Lucky the Leprechaun



Name: Lucky the Leprechaun
Alias: Lucky
Birth Place: Ireland
Birth Date: Unknown
Current Address: Cooley Mountains in County Louth, Ireland
Marital Status: Single
Spouse Name: N/A
Officially Legendary: 1245 AD
Legendary Status: Active
DES Codename: Tricky
Official Signature:

Department of Elfand Security This information has been reseaarched and documented by the Department of Elfland Security Security - Division of History and Research
Biography of  Lucky the Leprechaun

This page is a summary of the official biography that is on file.



The Early Years

Leprechauns have been a part of Irish folklore for many years. Lucky is a member of a clan of Leprechauns that live in the hills of the Cooley Mountains in County Louth. For many, many years his clan has guarded the mountains and have protected their wealth from humans. It is said that if you capture one of these creatures (if you can) they will grant you three wishes to set them free.

How Lucky Met Santa

One dark Christmas Eve, way before Rudolph was born and before the modern technology that Santa has today, Santa ran into some trouble over Ireland during a very windy storm. All of the presents had fallen out of the sleigh and Lucky’s clan of Leprechauns helped Santa find all of the presents and get them back in the sleigh. Lucky was asked to ride with Santa that night and help him with the rest of his deliveries.

How Lucky Became Legendary

Lucky became great friends with Santa and when the Assembly of Legendary Figures was being established, Santa had asked Lucky’s king if Lucky could serve as a ambassador of the Leprechaun clan for the Assembly. Lucky has been a member ever since and he reports back any information from the Assembly to his king.

Activities Today

Lucky spends the first part of March every year up at the North Pole and throughout Santa’s Village. After St. Patrick's Day, he returns back to his Leprechaun clan in Ireland where he spends the rest of the year unless there is an emergency meeting called for The Assembly of Legendary Figures.