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Welcome to the Department of Elfland Security

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Peppermint Plants - The Magic Herb

Have you ever wondered why we use so much peppermint here at Santa's Village and North Pole City? It turns out that peppermint plants are a very magical herb. While the office was conducting research for the post Herbs to Help with Heat we found some very interesting information about the pepper...

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Herbs to Help with Heat

With the mass outbreak of heat exhaustion and reports of over sun exposure at Dr. Twinklestiein's offices, there has been an increase in demand of medicine to help the elves deal with the issues related to heat stroke, sun burn, and being overheated causing a shortage of these medicines. Dr. Twin...

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Bidding on a Position

It is Santa’s intent that all elves remain happy workers and he understands the creative need for each elf to seek out other positions within the Union. This is why he has established a bidding program that would allow an elf to change his or her duties at any time they wish to pursue a different...

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Annual Brown Bag Lunch Exchange

Several years ago, Mrs. Claus came up with this event to help shake things up a little bit within the cafeteria and to have some fun with the worker elves. Basically, you bring in your favorite lunch and exchange it with someone else within the workshop. On Thursday, Mrs. Claus' Kitchen will be ...

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Time-Off Tax

As you are aware, elves by nature love to work. In fact, it has been found that elves would even work for free if you let them. They will also work non-stop if they did not take their mandatory breaks from work. The Department of Elfland Security has established both Union Representatives and t...

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Lucky's Biography Summary Released

The Office of History and Research with the Department of Elfland Security has released the biography summary for Lucky the Leprechaun. After reviewing the story on how Santa and Lucky met, they were able to piece together and finish off the biography. "We had most of the information about Lucky,...

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The Craftsman Elf Oath

The Craftsman Elf Oath was created many years ago and it is taken by every worker who enters into an apprenticeship program at one of the workshops or factories within Santa's Village at North Pole City. Very little has changed to the oath over the years; however, from time to time it is reviewed a...

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Digital Etch-A-Sketch for the Craftsman Elves

Santa was in the workshop and noticed that there were many elves who were processing orders on etch-a-sketches instead of using their communication devices to submit and process the orders to the Santa's Village Computer Network. Although this has been done for many, many years, it was defeating t...

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Cupid's Biography Summary Released

Today, the Office of History and Research with the Department of Elfland Security has released the biography summary for Cupid. It took a bit of time to get Cupid settled down to come to the office to fill in some research gaps that the office had, but they got the biography as close as they possi...

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Professor Hinkle Captured Official Report

For Immediate Release: During our division's patrols during the planting event of the Division of Forestry on February 5, 2022, we happened upon an encampment out in the Noble Forest that appeared to be well stocked and inhabited for sometime. Whoever was using the campsite must of quickly left wh...

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Two Major Changes Made to Website

The Office of WWW/PR is reporting that there have been two major changes made to the TAOLF.com website this week. These changes have been planned for a while and were scheduled to be done by previous web masters; however, Gracey Kimble and Alex Grumbly were able to map out and code these changes w...

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Legendary Figures and Causes

The division has spent some time this past month working out a content plan with the Legendary figures and asked each one of them to sponsor a specific "cause". This would be a "cause" they would like to sponsor for additional content and blog posts on their websites. The following is the outline t...

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The First Christmas Tree in America

The Historical Marker The First Christmas Tree in America publicly lighted and displayed in a church Christmas service stood where the Cleveland Public Auditorium now stands, a designated Cleveland Landmark. On that site once stood the original Zion Lutheran Church where on Christmas Eve, 1851, i...

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Creating Salt Dough Ornaments

Follow along in this how to video and create some homemade salt dough ornaments from items you already probably have at home. For directions and the recipe to make these salt dough ornaments, CLICK HERE....

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Creating 3D Snowflakes

Follow along in this video and learn how to make 3D Snowflakes from ordinary paper lunch bags. If you would like directions on how to make these 3D Snowflakes, CLICK HERE....

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Building a Pop-Tart House

Create a house out of Pop Tarts. Don't need to make gingerbread, this video will walk you through how you can use standard pop-tarts for your creation. For directions on how to build your very own pop-tart house, CLICK HERE....

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Create the Santa Spotter 9000

In this video Peppermint the Elf will show you how to create your very own Santa Spotter 9000. There is also a bonus how-to on how to create reindeer hands. For directions on how to create the Santa Spotter 9000, CLICK HERE to download the directions. Also in this video, "Peppermint" the Elf ...

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TAOLF Launches YouTube Channel

SANTA NEEDS YOUR HELP - Please SUBSCRIBE The Department of Elfland Security and TAOLF.com has launched a new YouTube channel to post some "how-to videos" and to serves as the future location of WELF-NPC news updates and podcast posts (coming soon). Santa is asking that all of you elves out there ...

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Removing the fbclid Parameter

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Late last night, there was a report that came in from an anonymous caller stating that the website was not working correctly when trying to connect to web pages from the social media posts. After some exhausting troubleshooting, we were able to re-create the reported issue an...

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Last Day For North Pole Post Marks

Today is the last day to send your letters to have them return post marked from the North Pole. The U.S. Post Office will help you obtain a returned letter from Santa that is post marked from the North Pole. How to get a letter postmarked from the North Pole: Have the child write a letter to S...

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Elf Worker's Union Handbook

Get a copy of the UEA Elf Worker's Union Handbook that outlines all of the working positions within North Pole City and Santa's Village. If you do not have a copy of this manual, it is very important that you have one with you at all times. The Department of Elfland Security which is in charge of...

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How To Create a Pop-Up Christmas Card

In this video you will learn how to create a pop-up card from Santa's Village Post Office. By using some simple supplies you may already have at home, Sprinkle McJingles will walk you through the process step-by-step. If you would like to print on the directions for this project, Click Here for t...

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Santa To Be Reviewing List

From the office of the Naught or Nice List. Santa has requested the list so that he can begin his initial review. There may be some concerns out there for the numbers on the naughty list. Please remember the 2:1 ration when it comes to determine who is on the nice list. For every naughty action ...

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Snowflake the Elf Shows You How to Make a Snowflake

Follow along as Snowflake the elf will show you how you can create a paper snowflake of your very own. This video will walk you through the process. For detailed, printed instructions, be sure to download this page. The Department of Elfland Security would like to personally thank Snowflake the...

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Department of Elfland Security Website
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Welcome to the Department of Elfland Security

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The Division of Flight Command is responsible for coordinating all of the flights to and from Santa’s Village at the North Pole.
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This division of Santa's Village is responsible for the creation and assembly of all of the gifts that Santa's delivers on Christmas Eve.
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The Security and Investigation Division also known as the Security Detail is responsible for all of the Security Detail is responsible for the guarded security of all of the members of the Assembly of Legendary Figures.
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The office responsible for website updates and public relations.

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