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Puzzle Layout Tester

Puzzle Layout Tester

Santa was strolling through the workshop today and came upon a craftsman worker named Herbert "Happy" Yeardley who was sitting at their station working on a laptop. This actually was a strange site to see since most craftsman elves do not embrace technology too well (hence their tablet computers being converted to look like etch-a-sketch). Santa decided not to bother the little elf right away and kept on walking. He thought he would circle back around again later to see what the little elf was concentrating on so much.

When Santa walked by the second time, he noticed the elf giggling as they were working on the laptop, so Santa decided this was his opportunity to see what they were doing.

Santa made his way back behind the elf so that he could get a good view of the elf's laptop screen and what he witnessed was simply amazing. He found that the elf was uploading pictures to a website that would take the photographs and make an online puzzle.

Santa stood there and watched. The elf looked up at Santa thinking that he was in trouble, but Santa immediately said, "Oh, don't stop, this looks very interesting."

Herbert said, "Yes sir. I was trying to find some photos to make puzzles as gifts, and I found this site on the Internet last night. I thought this would be helpful for us to determine which photographs work the best without running them through the entire process of making the puzzle. Some of these are a lot of fun as well."

"Great find," said Santa, "I love it. Let's share this out with others and use this website before we begin the production of the puzzles. This is great tool. Awesome find Herbert, I love it."

Herbert had a huge smile as Santa tapped him on the shoulder and went on with his tour of the workshop.

You too can use this website to play free daily puzzles or create your own on-line puzzle. You can create different puzzle piece shapes, keep the puzzle private for yourself, or even share the puzzle for others and add it to their public gallery.

NOTE: Please be sure to work with your parents before you upload a photograph to the Internet. You do not want personal information being shared out there by accident.

To connect to the site, connect to: im-a-puzzle.com.

If you are on a computer, you can see the puzzle below that Herbet was working on when Santa stopped by his station. It is a picture out the back of his cabin of the North Pole wilderness. If you are not on computer and cannot see the puzzle below, click here to connect to the puzzle.

If you create a puzzle that can be shared, send us the link so we can check it out by pasting the share link in the comments below. We would love to see them.


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Puzzle Layout Tester

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