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Name: Jack Fowl
Alias: Tom Turkey
Birth Place: Philadelphia, PA - USA
Birth Date: May, 1765
Current Address: Mount Vernon, VA
Marital Status: Single
Spouse Name: N/A
Officially Legendary: December 26, 1875
Legendary Status: Active
DES Codename: Big Bird
Official Signature:

The Biography of Tom Turkey
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Biography of Tom Turkey

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The Early Years

Tom Turkey was originally born Jack Fowl, on a farm just north of downtown Philadelphia in 1765. He spent most of his younger days with his father who not only taught him about the ways of turkeys, but about his special family history. You see Tom's father attended the first Thanksgiving in 1621.

How Jack Became Tom Turkey

During a visit to the farm where Jack lived, Benjamin Franklin approached Jack wearing a bright red coat. This spooked Jack and started to attack Franklin. Franklin claimed that Jack had a temper as bad as Tomas Jefferson.

Tom's Presidential Pardon

In 1863, Jack "Tom" Turkey was pardoned by President Abraham Lincoln due the the request of Lincoln's son, and Jack's very close friend, Thomas "Tad" Lincoln.

How He Became Legendary

Jack was asked by Santa to join the Department of Legendary figures in 1875 since they needed a symbol for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Activities Today

Tom Turkey now shares his time in Philadelphia with his family, on farms across the country helping to train domestic turkeys for Presidential Pardon ceremonies, and at his official home at Mount Vernon where we lives with the pardon turkeys and continues to coach them through public visits.