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Consider Volunteering to Grow Your Business

Consider Volunteering to Grow Your Business

Volunteering is a great way to get out in the community and network with people, give back to your community, and meet other like-minded business owners. Not only does it put you in direct contact with other small businesses, but it could make your brand more visible in the community.

One way to volunteer is to take a seat on the board of a local nonprofit organization. Often, these boards are comprised of other business leaders, and having the organization as a common interest is a great way to break the ice to connect with them. Business owners are great members of organizational boards since they already have the background of business operations and can help steer the organization in achieving goals and keeping the organization financially solvent.

You also could partner with local businesses for a philanthropic event such as a neighborhood cleanup day, school supply giveaway, or food drive. Give your employees matching T-shirts featuring participating businesses’ logos to wear at the event as a way to build brand awareness.

Don’t forget to send a press release to local media to let them know about your upcoming event and to make sure you get a larger turnout.

Supporting all of the small business located in North Pole City

The North Pole Commerce Associaiton is here to help you with your small busines. Please be sure to contact us to get you registered within our business listing. If your business is located within North Pole City, membership is and will always be free.

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