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North Pole City Business Directory

The North Pole City Business Directory will list all of the business registered with the North Pole City Commerce Association and are located within North Pole City. The listing is sorted by category so that you can find whatever product and/or service you a looking for quickly. If the business has an online store, a button will appear next to their listing so that you can support the business by purchasing some of their merchandise.


Henrietta's Hot Cocoa North Pole City Henrietta's Hot Cocoa
927 Silver Bell Circle
Mass Quantities of High Quality Hot Cocoa


Freddy's Fine Furnishings North Pole City Freddy's Fine Furnishings
928 Holly Drive
Santa's Workshop Craftmanship

General Store

Frosty's Ice Emporium North Pole City Frosty's Ice Emporium
3 Snowflake Street
Serving all of your ice needs
Minnie's Miniatures and More North Pole City Minnie's Miniatures and More
345 Snowball Run Road
Everything and anything elf size.


Javis' Wood and Coal North Pole City Javis' Wood and Coal
120 Pine Tree Avenue
Keeping you and your family warm for over 500 years.


WELF-NPC North Pole Radio North Pole City WELF-NPC North Pole Radio
P.O. Box 130294
Radio and News for all elves around the world
Purchase Merch Online


Dr. Twinklestein's Family Medical Center North Pole City Dr. Twinklestein's Family Medical Center
5 Mistletoe Road
A center for all your medical needs.


The Red Bow North Pole City The Red Bow
227 Gum Drop Way
The best sophisticated dining in North Pole City
Hinklemyer Cocoa Pub North Pole City Hinklemyer Cocoa Pub
423 Lichen Lane
A place to relax and unwind.
Noel's Cozy Corner North Pole City Noel's Cozy Corner
555 Noel Drive
You home away from home.
The Peppermint Shack North Pole City The Peppermint Shack
397 Snowball Run Road
Smooth peppermint cocoa and pub games
The Sugar Bowl North Pole City The Sugar Bowl
506 Holly Drive
All sweet all the time
Jolly Elf North Pole City Jolly Elf
353 Evergreen Lane
Yule Love It North Pole City Yule Love It
117 Silver Bell Circle
The Cocoa House North Pole City The Cocoa House
447 Mistletoe Road
Love at First Snowflake North Pole City Love at First Snowflake
651 Snowflake Street
Elfin Wonderland North Pole City Elfin Wonderland
378 Tinsel Avenue
The Sparkling Snowflake North Pole City The Sparkling Snowflake
824 Pine Tree Ave
Candy Cane Lounge North Pole City Candy Cane Lounge
198 Candy Cane Lane


Crystal's Candy Confections North Pole City Crystal's Candy Confections
2 Candy Cane Lane
Specializing in chocolate creations that are out of this world.


Bill's Game Palace North Pole City Bill's Game Palace
105 Tinsel Avenue
Your one stop shop for all your recreational needs


Snowflake Snowmobile North Pole City Snowflake Snowmobile
195 Candy Cane Lane
Guaranteed to start on the first try or we will give you a new one
Three Elves and a Truck North Pole City Three Elves and a Truck
932 Tinsel Avenue
Moving elves around North Pole City for generations

Supporting all of the small business located in North Pole City

The North Pole Commerce Associaiton is here to help you with your small busines. Please be sure to contact us to get you registered within our business listing. If your business is located within North Pole City, membership is and will always be free.

Business Directory

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