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Council Receives First Shipment of Bricks

Council Receives First Shipment of Bricks

Today the North Pole City Council received the first shipment of bricks from the North Pole City Brick Works. Although this is not the full 500,000,000 ordered, there is enough to get started with the project. The first street and sidewalks to be replaced will be Silver Bell Circle and construction will begin later this evening after the start of the second shift at the workshop. The bricks have already been delivered, construction equipment, and dump trucks full of sand are already being positioned on the street. It is believed that the road will be completed within three days.

The new brinks are keeping some of the design and flavor of the ones being replaced. They have been able to locate the original molds and are incorporating the same snowflake into each brick.

Crews will be laying out the new bricks in a herringbone pattern alternating the side that has the name of the brick factory, snowflake, and date, with the side that has just the snowflake.

In Santa's Village (The center of town), all bricks will be laid with the snowflake side facing up. This will match the design that is already in Santa's Village.

Archiving Bricks for Posterity Purposes

As mentioned during the council meetings, a brick from each street will be sent to the archives to document the history of North Pole City. The first brick has been removed from Silver Bell Circle and has been escorted by the Department of Elfland Security - Security Detail to the city archives building.

North Pole City Brick
Original Brick from Silver Bell Circle

Also, the first new brick that came out of the factory is going to be sent to the archives as well. This is going to help document this momentous occasion for future generations.

North Pole City Brick
Front of New Bricks

North Pole City Brick
Back of New Bricks

About the Council

North Pole City Council is not your normal, politically motivated city council. It is made up of 12 members, each one representing one of the Elf Clans. They are appointed for life and most of them (with the exception of 2) have been on the council since it was originally formed.

North Pole City Council

The City Council is separate from Santa's Village which is in the middle of the city. Power of the city was given to the council for the growth and well being of all North Pole City elves. Santa only sits on the council and casts a vote if there is a tie; however, he does attend most council meetings when they are called. Meetings only take place when they are needed for discussion and passages of city resolutiosn and ordinances.

Council Receives First Shipment of Bricks

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If you have something you would like to be reviewed by council, please use the "Contact Council" button below to submit the request through the website. Council will review the request the next time that they meet.

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