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Elf Clan History

Elf Clan HistoryAlthough each clan had members that were skilled in many different occupations, each elf clan would specialize in a particular skill or occupation. They would then teach these skills to visiting elves from other clans, thus creating a diversified skill set within a village. Today, some elves chose to either drop their clan name; however, every elf still belongs to one of the 12 original clans.


The Hinklemyer clan were great thinkers, researchers, librarians, historians, and teachers. With the exception of the Twinklestein clan, this clan were the educated elves. They spent most of their time reading and researching documents and creating their own libraries and volumes of documents based on their research. When training was performed at other villages on various topics, it was members of the HInklemyer clan that would perform the teaching. Today, Edward Hinklemyer is the head elf of the Department of Elfland Security.


The Cumberbatch clan were expert craftsmen and toolmakers. They are responsible for the design and creation of smaller items made from wood or metal. When an issue would arise that required a special tool or object, they had the engineering skills to design and build the items. Members of this clan apprenticed with Leonardo Di Vinci and learned many of his skills, as well as helped him develop many of his projects.


The Twinklestein clan were expert healers and alchemists. Over the years they have developed their skills and have branched out into becoming doctors, dentists, physicians, surgeons, and medicine makers. This clan began their study early on with people such as Hippocrates of Kos and later Nicolaus Copernicus. Most advances in modern medicine have contributed to the Twinklestein clan in one way or another. Since most elves have great immunity systems and live long lives, the Twinklestein clansmen have more time for study and experimentation.


The Appleton Clan were responsible for healing and caring for animals and creatures. They even cultivated the ability to be able to communicate with the animals in order to find out what was ailing them, or to just carry on conversations. Early veterinary practices were based on the skills that this clan developed over the years and members of this clan work and operate the stables at Santa's Village today.


The Birkenhead clan have always been able to take scraps and create wonderful artwork that is displayed within the cabins of the elves and public buildings within the villages. They developed how to make paper from sawdust and created various methods of making inks and dyes. They would also create crafts for the younger elf children to help then learn and occupy their time. Members of the Birkenhead clan are now in charge of the wrapping paper and bow designs at North Pole City and Santa's Village Workshop.


The Darlinton Clan were great designers and creators of clothing. They were responsible for developing all of the clothes that the elves wear and still wear to this day. This includes hats, shirts, sweaters, pants, dresses, work smocks, and even shoes. Since most of the elves now live up at the North Pole, the clothing has to be able to be cool while inside, yet warm when the elves are outside. This clan is responsible for the development of that technology. Most of these elves just look at an elf and are able to know their sizes.


The Leighton Clan is famous for their recipes and the meals that they make. Over the years they have studied with some of the most famous chefs from around the world. They have learned how to take just about any edible item and turn it into a delicious smorgasbord of delectable dishes and treats. This is the only clan that only works in the kitchens at the clan villages or even in Santa's Village and North Pole City. They also work all of the sweet shops and are in charge of making millions upon millions of candy canes each year for Santa. Mrs. Claus works closely with a group of these elves in her kitchen.


The Livingstone Clan are fierce and well trained warriors. They have trained for many forms of martial arts and are experts when it comes to protection and security. Each village has at least a few of these elves living amongst them to help protect everyone within the village. The private security details for all of the Legendary Figures are made up of only members from this elite clan.


The Myerscough clan are skilled in mining and building tunnels underground. For years they have been collecting the gems and gold that the elves use to trade with humans and they have been able to learn a high level of skill when it comes to genealogy. They have even been called in to help consult with NASA when moon rocks were brought back to earth. Today members of this clan are also in charge of the mining of all of the coal used at North Pole City, as well as, for gifts for those who make Santa's Naughty list.


The Winterboune clans are the structure builders. They are skilled in building wood and brick structures and can do it very quickly. They have been known to construct a log cabin in just 15 minutes and entire villages within eight hours. Each elf within the Winterboune clan carries specialized tools that have been constructed to always be extremely sharp, accurate, and maintenance free. This helps them move through construction extremely fast. All of the buildings within North Pole City have been constructed by this clan.


The Scarbough clan were experts in agriculture, farming, and harvesting. This clan has developed many of the growing techniques that are still used today. Members of this clan have worked closely with many agriculturalists over the years ranging from Eli Whitney to George Washington Carver. A couple of Scarbough elves even worked with John Deere to help him with the development of the plow. They are also responsible for replanting trees that are used for construction and the development of paper products and plant close to 10 million new trees every year.


The Yeardley clan was responsible for many inventions used by the elves over the years. They personally studied and worked closely with some of the great inventors we know today such as Alexander Gram Bell and Thomas Edison. The difference between these great inventors and the Yeardly clan was they also have a background in wizardry. Many years ago, some of the Yeardly clan worked closely with Merlin, the great wizard. They learned and documented most of his great secrets and have brought this knowledge to Santa's Village. Some of the unanswered questions about Santa's secrets can be attributed to the Yeardley clan, such as; teleportation, flying reindeer, time travel, and wormholes.


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Elf Clan History

The Department's Divisions

Office of Elf Affairs Office of Elf Affairs
The Office of Elf Affairs acts as a liaison between the elf workers union and the office of human resources.
Flight Command Division Flight Command Division
The Division of Flight Command is responsible for coordinating all of the flights to and from Santa’s Village at the North Pole.
Division of History and Research Division of History and Research
The Division of History and Research is responsible for researching and documenting the history of all of the legendary figures and the elf nation.
Forestry Division Forestry Division
The Division of Forestry is responsible for all agriculture at North Pole City.
Gift Wrap and Decoration Division Gift Wrap and Decoration Division
The division of Gift Wrap and Decoration is responsible for all designs and production of the gift wrap used at Santa's Village.
Office of Naughty or Nice List Office of Naughty or Nice List
This department is responsible compiling the naughty and nice database so that it is ready for Santa's second approval.
Post Office Post Office
As you can imagine, Santa's village receives millions of postal letters each day and the Post Office Division is the center of all of these communications.
Division of Research and Development Division of Research and Development
The Division of Research and Development is responsible for all of the technology advances at North Pole City and within Santa's Village.
Mrs. Claus Kitchen Mrs. Claus' Kitchen
This division is responsible for the serving food to all of the elf workings within Santa's Village.
Division of Tailor and Seamstress Division of Tailor and Seamstress
This division is responsible for designing and manufacturing the clothing for all of the elves at North Pole City and Santa\'s Village
Santa's Workshop Santa's Workshop
This division of Santa's Village is responsible for the creation and assembly of all of the gifts that Santa's delivers on Christmas Eve.
Security and Investigation Division Security and Investigation Division
The Security and Investigation Division also known as the Security Detail is responsible for all of the Security Detail is responsible for the guarded security of all of the members of the Assembly of Legendary Figures.
Santa's Reindeer Stables Santa's Reindeer Stables
Santa's Reindeer Stables elves are responsible for the care of Santa's reindeer and sleighs. They keep the team and fleet in top flying condition at all times.
Landing and Preparation Team Landing and Preparation Team
The Department of Elfland Security's Landing and Preparation Team is the group of elves that are deployed ahead of Santa Claus to make sure that all is well before Santa lands to make his deliveries or visit.
WWW / PR Office WWW/PR Office
The office responsible for website updates and public relations.

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