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Tinsel Football Gear Now Available

Tinsel Football Gear Now Available

The Big Game is coming, do you have your Tinsel Football gear ready to go? If not, you can order now on-line and it will be shipped to you. From t-shirts to leggings to coffee cups and all in between, click on the button below to connect to the on-line store today.

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North Pole City Sports North Pole City Sports Website
Connect to the North Pole City Website.
NPCS League Information About the League
Information about the North Pole City Sports League.

Game Snacks

Popcorn Box Craft Mini Pop-Corn Box Craft
Print out this worksheet and create your very own Popcorn Box.
Peppermint Popcorn Bark Recipe Peppermint Popcorn Bark Recipe
Print off this recipe and create a great treat for the big game.

Snowball Games

Guidelines and Rules Booklet Guidelines and Rules Booklet
The Official Guidelines and Rules booklet for the North Pole City Sports Snowball Games.
Snowball game Score Card Nightly Game Score Card - Blanks
Use this scorecard to officially score the rounds of a snowball game for documented scoring.

Tinsel Football

Tinsel Football Merch Tinsel Football Merch
Get your Tinsel Football merch for the big game.

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