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Cupid's Minute to Win It Activity Found

Cupid's Minute to Win It Activity Found

While doing some research for Cupid, the History and Research team found a great blog post related to Valentine's Day. It outlines a minute-to-win-it activity that can be used for an entire classrooms, especially for a Valentine's Day related math activity. The activity engages the students with the challenge and provides the opportunity for the teacher to give them a little treat for the holiday. This can also be used for a Valentine's Day kids or even an adult party.

The blog post was made by Stacy Julian on her blog site on February 1, 2015. With a simple worksheet, and some candy, the students will have to perform some activities such as placing M&M within a certain spot on the page and using a math formula come up with an answer counting the colors of the candy. Using Nerds and a Twizzler, they will have to move the Nerds around the paper outside of the heart, and then open and eat a Hershey kiss with only one hand. All to be done within 1 minute.

We thought it would be beneficial to provide some links to where a teacher (or other adult) could purchase the candy needed for the entire class in individualized packages.

Once you get the candy, all that you will need is the worksheet which you can print off and copy from the original blog post. The following is the candy that you will need for the activity. You can purchase using the following links, or find the supplies in a local store:

Note: The prices may seem a bit higher on this candy, but remember we were taking into consideration the "individually wrapped" idea to aid in passing out the candy to the students and keeping everything as hygienically clean as possible.

Again, Cupid nor the Department of Elfland Security came up with this idea or post, but it was found while doing some research and Cupid believes this is a great activity (and blog post) that should be shared with everyone. A link to the original post is below where you read more about the activity and print off the needed worksheet.

Original Blog Post by Stacy Julian

Great job Stacy! (by the way, you get some extra nice points in the naughty/nice database.)


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Cupid's Minute to Win It Activity Found

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