North Pole City Council

No Children at the North Pole Says Council

The North Pole City Council met today to address a proposed resolution for children to travel to North Pole City and Santa's village. This has not been the first time this request has been made over the years, but since it was put to the council to make a ruling, they had to address the issue again.

The resolution failed with a vote of 0 in favor and 12 denying the request.


Ordinance# Type Title/Description Yay Nay
20211201-01 FAILED Children Visiting the North Pole
BE IT RESOLVED to honor the millions of requests from children all over the world to allow them to come to North Pole City and to visit Santa's Village
Reason for Failure: Although that there is a large number of requests for children to come to the North Pole, the council is all in agreement of denying this request. The secret of Santa is important to keep for the protection of all elves at North Pole City, so unfortunately this request cannot be granted at this time.
0 12

About the Council

North Pole City Council is not your normal, politically motivated city council. It is made up of 12 members, each one representing one of the Elf Clans. They are appointed for life and most of them (with the exception of 2) have been on the council since it was originally formed.

North Pole City Council

The City Council is separate from Santa's Village which is in the middle of the city. Power of the city was given to the council for the growth and well being of all North Pole City elves. Santa only sits on the council and casts a vote if there is a tie; however, he does attend most council meetings when they are called. Meetings only take place when they are needed for discussion and passages of city resolutiosn and ordinances.

No Children at the North Pole Says Council

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