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Photo from Space Station

Photo from Space Station

On occasion, Santa can be a bit of a prankster with those who know he is out there flying around the brisk Christmas Eve night air. The long trip of delivering gifts to all of the children in the world can sometime get a bit tedious and he likes to blow off a little steam so to speak. Each years since the International Space Station (ISS) has had people stationed on board, Santa likes to make a little surprise visit and sometimes leave them a little something special for when they wake up on the morning.

This year, Mrs. Claus got a photo from the ISS of the message that Santa left for them when they woke up on Christmas morning. Last year they sent a thank you message to Flight Command when they saw his message, but nobody thought to take a photograph of it before it vanished in the atmosphere.

She wanted to share it with everyone, since it was a pretty photograph. She sent the photo down to have it printed and framed, so that it can be hung in Santa's office.


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Photo from Space Station

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