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A Snowman in Golf

A Snowman in Golf

Frosty want's to remind you. If you receive a snowman in golf, you get an 8 on the hole.

It may sound like a lot of fun to score a snowman in golf, but it certainly will not help your score card. Most golfers want to have the lowest score possible on each hole they play and would probably not brag about receiving a snowman for a score.

Why a snowman?

Well, if you look at the number "8", it looks similar to a snowman; hence the term. When you build a snowman, you normally place a ball of snow on top of another ball of snow, and some people believe that the number 8 resembles that as well.

How it is used

When a golfer scores the dreaded 8 on a hole, they may tell the scorekeeper, "Just give me a snowman on that hole." Also, other golfers or competitors may point out as the golfer is approaching that stroke count, "Watch you don't get the dreaded snowman."

"Snowman" is the most common and most widely used of such terms. In fact, one sometimes, on the relatively rare occasions when a tour pro makes an eight or threatens to do so, hears the term on televisions broadcasts of golf tournaments.

The following is an example of what NOT to do, if you are seriously keeping score in golf. This would definately get you a "Snowman" score:


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A Snowman in Golf


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