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Golden Candy Cane Awards

About the Awards

Golden Candy Cane Awards

Established in 2020 as a memorial to Jaster "Candy Cane" Winterboune, the "Golden Candy Cane" awards are issued very liberally to those elves (and humans) who have conducted themselves above and beyond their "normal" daily achievements. All inductees must be submitted to the Department of Elfland Security's Office of Elf Affairs to be reviewed for the determination of the award. This award can be issued multiple times during the year and an individual can receive the award more than once in a given year.

Submitting a Potential Candidate

Submissions can be made at anytime by submitting the candidate information through the department's Contact Us page. Please send the submission to "The Department of Elfland Security" and include the candidate's name and why they should be considered for the award. A "secret" committee will meet and review the information and vote on if the candidate should receive the award.

Submit a Candidate

Previous Golden Candy Cane Award Recipients

Year Awarded Recipient Reason
2020 "Twinkle" McJingles Hinklemyer Twinkle McJingle was responsible for organizing a group of elfves to go to the lower 48 in person and provide some instructional videos on how kids can make crafts at home with orginary household items. During the COVID lock down it was difficult for kids to get out for holiday events and this oppportunity brought Chrstimas to them virtually. The program was such a success that it has been decided to continue on each year.
2020 Caroline "Snowflake" Myerscough Again, part of the team with Twinkle, Snowflake created two videos showing kids how to create paper snowflakes and salt dough decorations. These videos are now part of the deaprtment's archives and will be shared form year-to-year.
2020 Janine "Peppermint" Scarbough Perppermint was part of the team with Twinkle in creating the educational videos for the lower 48. She produced three different how-to videos that were part of the program including how to make a 3D snowflake and sharing the invention of the Santa spotter 9000 from the research and development department.
2020 Crystal "Snowdust" Yeardley Stopping on her way home from a double shift at work to help with a spilled coal truck. Crystal spent hours on the accident site not only helping to clean up the spill, but also was able to get a hold of all of the driver's family to let them know that he was alright. She then later on, brought dinner over to the families house. Crystal is a worker at the syrup factory and went almost 64 hours without sleep. The family submitted her name for consideration.
2020 Susie "Gingerbread" Yeardley Gingerbread was a part of Twinkle's team as well and shared a great idea on how to create a pop-tart house in a video for kids. It was an interesting project and her video has been archived with the department as well.


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Golden Candy Cane Awards

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