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Santa Injured During Deliveries - Special Report

In this special report, join Becky Marshmallow Livingstone travels to Santa's Village and interviews Dr. Twinklestein about the injury that Santa received this year during his deliveries. In the after delivery report it was stated that Santa received a small scratch, but Becky noticed something mu...

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One of Santa's Hobbies - Vintage Toy Repair

One would think that after building new toys for a living that the last thing you would want to do is spend your free time restoring vintage toys, but that is one of the hobbies that Santa loves to work at when he is not running the workshop and making new toys. Of course he has all of the latest...

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Santa's Favorite Christmas Carols

There are many different versions of Christmas Carols that have been recorded by different artists throughout the years; however, these songs are Santa's favorites and are the recommended versions to be played when Santa is at the workshop or factories. You can connect to Santa's Playlist below, or...

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Santa Orders the Naughty Nice List to Be Reset

The Department of Elfland Security just received a message from Santa who is currently on vacation to have the Naughty/Nice list reset for the 2022 season. Each year the database is reset and information begins to start pouring in immediately and is recorded in the database. Those who were unfort...

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Laughter Coming from Santa's Office

Shortly after lunch, the entire administration building was hearing roars of laughter coming from Satnta's workshop office. Normally you hear the random "Ho, Ho, Ho" throughout the day, but this was a laughter to the point we were concerned and had to find out what was going on. When we went into h...

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Santa Recalls Going to His First Shopping Mall

Santa stopped by the office today and mentioned that he was getting restless and wanted to slip out and go down to a shopping mall this weekend. Most people don't know this little secret, but Santa does sometimes sneak into stores and shopping malls and takes over for the store's Santa Claus. He ...

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Great Conversation with Dr. Fauci

I finally got a chance today to sit down for a few minutes with Dr. Fauci and express my concerns for this year's flight. We have been following all of the events taking place throughout the world and want to make sure that we will not be stirring things up and spreading things unintentionally. I ...

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Santa's Secrets Now Active

Did you ever wonder how Santa delivers all those gifts in one night or even why he even brings gifts? Well, now you can find out at Santa's FAQ Page. This page houses Frequently Asked Questions that Santa has been asked by children all over the world throughout the years. If after you browse ...

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Santa's Website Santa's Website
Santa Claus Official Website
Santa's Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ Santa's Frequently Asked Questions
Questions sent into Santa from children all over the world. He answers them all here for you.
Twas the Night Before Christmas Twas The Night Before Christmas
The famous poem by Clement Clarke Moore.
Naughty Nice List Database Naughty-Nice List Database
Check your status on the Naughty/Nice list database.
Elf Name Search Database Elf Name Search Database
Search for your Elf Name in the Official Elf Name database.
Outdoor Christmas Lights Outdoor Christmas Lights
A collection of outdoor Christmas lights and resources.

Santa Claus - Ho Ho Ho


Santa Math Learn With Santa: Numbers 1-5
Learn to write your numbers Santa Style.
Santa Math Counting Practice
Do a little Counting practice Santa style.
Santa Math Santa's Subtraction
Do a little Subtraction practice Santa style.
Santa Math Santa Addition
Do a little Addition practice Santa style.


dominos Santa Dominos Page 1
Page one of a set of Christmas Dominos.
Santa Jump Santa Jump
Online Game
Santa Swap Santa Swap
Online Game
Santa Snowboards Santa Snowboards
Online Game
dominos Santa Dominos Page 2
Page two of a set of Christmas Dominos.


dottodot Santa's Holiday Dot-to-Dot
Can you find Santa in this dot-to dot?
jumble Santa's Jumble 2
Santa loves to do a daily jumble. Here are few of his favorite reindeer names jumbled. Can you figure them out?
jumble Santa's Reindeer Jumble
Santa loves to do a daily jumble. Here are few of his favorite words jumbled. Can you figure them out?
jumble Santa's Jumble 1
Santa loves to do a daily jumble. Here are few of his favorite words jumbled. Can you figure them out?
Wordsearch Santa's Decorations Word Search
Do you love word searches? Here is one that is quite full of Christmas cheer.

Santa's Population Checks

population Current Population Numbers
Do you want to know how man Humans are on Earth? Santa checks this page more than twice when he is prepping for his holiday run!
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