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The WELF-NPC North Pole City and Santa's Village News now has a podcast where you can get all of your news updates, special reports, and other information as it is posted. Please consider subscribing to the podcast wherever you get your Podcasts and you will be notified when a new episode is posted.

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Recent News and Information Posts

News Update - April 24, 2023

The weekly news update featuring Electron Discovery Announced

Santa has expressed some concern about the excessive amount of blue bicycles in the workshop and warehouse. He has asked Latimer Snerd to take a quick inventory check against the naughty and nice list to make certain that the inventory counts are correct. "We had this issue a long time ago, and I would like to make sure this is correct, " said Santa, "It never hurts to check the list twice."...

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News Update - April 17, 2023

The weekly news update featuring First National League Baseball Game

Santa has cancelled this week's work-out schedule for the reindeer team due to their long flights this past week while they were out travelling to Easter Island and some of the other locations that they flew to during Santa's trip. "They all did quite well, but they could sure use some rest," he said when he returned, "they all deserve some extra carrots and some extra sleep this week." Santa is known to be a very aggressive pilot and does push the reindeer team when they are traveling. This is why they are exercised every other day and are on a very special diet to keep them fit and ready to go at a moments notice....

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News Update - April 10, 2023

The weekly news update featuring Sinking of the Titanic

Santa and his team have left the North Pole to travel to Easter Island to stop by and check on the Easter Bunny. He does this every year and sometimes, EB will come back with him to the North Pole to spend some time. We are not certain if EB will be returning this year, as he does not every year, but if he does will be let everyone know through announcements throughout the city....

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News Update - April 3, 2023

The weekly news update featuring The Pony Express

Santa is resting up just fine after spraining his ankle Friday night at the Marathon Dance. For those of you who were not in attendance, Santa spun around Mrs. Claus during one of the dances and stepped down the wrong way on the dance floor and twisted his ankle. Mrs. Claus did warn him not to wear his boots to the dance, but he just didn't listen. He is expected to be back in the workshop some time this week....

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News Update - March 27, 2023

The weekly news update featuring Eiffel Tower Dedication

We received a report from an anonymous elf stating that they witnessed Santa and Mrs. Claus dancing in the mansion this past week. Rumors suggest that the Clauses may make an appearance at the dance competition on Friday night. The Clauses did attend the dance about 40 years ago and were some stiff competition with them coming in third place. It will be interesting to see what happens on Friday night....

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News Update - March 20, 2023

The weekly news update featuring Moondog Coronation Ball - First Rock Concert

Santa issued the order to shut-down all of the workshops and warehouses this past Saturday in hopes that all of the elves throughout the city would go and spend some time with friends and family for the parade and the Snowball Games Finals. About an hour after he issued the order for the shut-down, he took a walk through the workshop and found several of the craftsman elves still hard at work. After questioning these elves why they were not leaving their post they had stated that they did not have family or friends to spend time with, so they decided to just remain working. After hearing this, Santa called up to Mrs. Claus to let her know, he was taking all of these elves and they would all be spending the afternoon with him at the Snowball Games....

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News Update - March 13, 2023

The weekly news update featuring First St. PatricksDay Parade

Latimer Snerd, supervisor of Santa's Workshop has sent out a memo to the gift wrapping division tripling this week's standard order for red and white striped wrapping paper. The new toys rolling off the assembly line are requiring a bit more wrapping than what was originally anticipated; therefore production over at the gift wrapping factory will have to ramp up a little bit more to keep up with the demand. Please check this week's Peppermint Post Job Postings for additional staff members being needed at the wrapping paper factory....

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News Update - March 6, 2023

The weekly news update featuring Telephone Patent and First Transmitted Words on Telephone

Santa and Mrs. Claus will be visiting our very own Walter "Mistletoe" Livingstone who is still in the hospital after he broke the record during the "Polar Bear Plunge" last week. Since Walter now holds the record, his photograph will be posted in the Workshop with a special plaque that reads his name, the date of the polar bear plunge, and his lengthy record of 15 minutes and 35 seconds. Santa and Mrs. Claus have been waiting to visit Walter until he was feeling much better and word from the hospital is that he should be discharged sometime this week. We are expecting him to return next week for the news. ...

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News Update - February 27, 2023

The weekly news update featuring Live from Polar Plunge/Dr. Seuss Born

Santa and Mrs. Claus are expected to be at their cabin at Polar Bear Lake for the Polar Bear Day celebration this week. The cabin out at the lake is always ready for the Claus' to arrive and either spend the day or a weekend for some much needed relaxation and camp related activities. If you are out at Polar Bear Lake this week for the celebration, Mrs. Claus said to stop by as she will be making a large vat of Hot Cocoa and snickerdoodles and would love for you to stop get some refreshments and just say, "hello"....

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News Update - February 20, 2023

The weekly news update featuring John Glenn Orbits the Earth

Santa has been discussing with the engineers within Santa's village the possibility of bringing out the snow machines again this year. This year has not seen the snow fall accumulation needed to sustain Santa's Village and the North Pole City ecosystem and he is thinking that it might be time to look at getting the snow generators up and operational. The engineer team and mechanics will be pulling the machines out of storage this week and going over the engines to make sure everything is operational in case they will be needed. More information should be coming out soon....

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News Update - February 13, 2023

The weekly news update featuring King Tut Burial Chamber Opened

Santa had a meeting this week with Latimer Snerd and other supervisors throughout Santa's village to review production and supply. He is very pleased to report that everyone is currently working a little bit ahead of schedule. There were some new toy designs also presented during the meeting that have been approved and will be going into production during the second quarter. They did not reveal what these new toys will be; however, there will be prototype models on display within the main hallway of the workshop some time next month. We did get word that the devices will be focusing more on family and education....

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News Update - February 6, 2023

The weekly news update featuring Hollywood Walk of Fame

Santa has reported that he is disappointed that the elders have decided against doing a census, but understands their viewpoint. He is hoping that they are willing to help come up with some alternatives though rather than just replying with a no. Ultimately, he wanted to have the database created as a means to increase productivity and communication within NPC and just used sending presents to birthday elves as an example of how it could be used- it was not to be the main focus.

Also, the Clauses reportedly did like the idea of new candy cane flavors. They were not fans of all the flavors that were sent over for testing, but did give the approval for the confectioners to start making small batches of the candy to test out here in North Pole City. They suggested having the elves vote on new flavors at a tasting event and even have the elves suggest other flavors that could be made. The Clauses do think though, that any candy canes given in stockings to the lower 48 should be our traditional peppermint since it is the quintessential flavor of Santa and North Pole City....

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News Update - January 30, 2023

The weekly news update featuring Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Released

Representatives from the Candy Cane Factory have sent over some new samples to Santa and Mrs. Claus for them to try out this weekend. Some of the workers feel that there should be new flavors manufactured at the North Pole that are being created down in the lower 48 in order to help keep up with the tastes of everyone. The only flavor that is manufactured at the North Pole is and has always been peppermint. Some of the new flavors they have sent over for testing is bacon, strawberry, blueberry, ketchup, kale, mushroom, sour cream and onion, and bubble gum. A decision by Mr. and Mrs. Claus is expected this week.

Do you think we should have more flavors? Which of the flavors being tested would you like to try? Do you have a different flavor in mind? Let us Know....

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News Update - January 23, 2023

The weekly news update featuring Gold Found in Sutter Creek

Santa has asked the engineering department to create a new technology wing off the side of the Workshop residence for elves to be able to go into the computer lab in a comfortable environment to conduct research on the Internet. Santa would like to encourage more elves to embrace technology and research anything that may be available to help with the design and construction of gifts. This new facility will provide the craftsman elves to have a place where they can go and conduct this research and sketch up some new designs. Santa would like to have this completed and online by the end of the week. ...

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News Update - January 16, 2023

The weekly news update featuring Great Boston Molasses Flood

Santa and Mrs. Claus have returned to North Pole City and Santa's Village. Village workers came out to welcome them back when they landed Saturday morning. After changing clothes and grabbing something to eat, Santa was back in the workshop checking on the status of production for the new season. Mrs. Claus took the remainder of the day to get the mansion back open and up to speed. She then went down to check on things on Mrs. Claus' kitchen and the cafeteria Sunday afternoon.

There are some rumors that a new project is underway that will involve a few different divisions at the Department of Elfland Security too. Stay tuned to WELF-NPC News Radio and the Peppermint Post for more details as they become available....

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News Update - January 9, 2023

The weekly news update featuring Balloon Ascension Day

All of the workshops, factories, and warehouses are now back to full production for the 2023 season. There were no issues this year at all cleaning up all of the areas and getting system back up and in operation. Presents have already begun to come out of the workshop and are being stored in the delivery warehouses. A large surplus of wrapping paper from four years ago was found and that will be used up this year before the factory switches over to the new pattern for 2023. We welcome all craftsman, factory, and warehouse workers back to work and wish you a very happy 2023 season....

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News Update - January 2, 2023

The weekly news update featuring Two future presidents marry respective sweethearts

It is that time! It is time to open the workshop for a new season! Latimer Snerd has posted the updated opening and cleaning schedule for the workshop, factories, and warehouses on the TAOLF.com website. If you are an employee within Santa's Village, you are requested to review this schedule to find out where you need to report on January 4 when these facilities open back up again for the new season. "This is the same schedule we have been following," said Latimer, "but we finally got it written out and posted on the website. This schedule has been approved by Santa, the Department of Elfland Security, and the United Elves Association Elf Workers Union. By having this schedule all written out, there were be less confusion upon everyone's return, and we can hopefully get back to manufacturing much quicker." If you have not seen this schedule, you can connect to the Santa's Workshop page on TAOLF.com....

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News Update - December 26, 2022

The weekly news update featuring First commercial movie screened

Santa and his team arrived back at North Pole City about an hour and twenty minutes ahead of schedule this year. Santa said that the team was able to catch a headwind on the last leg of the journey which sped up his final approach. In total, Santa was able to deliver 7,623,693,262 presents to children across the word who were on the nice list and are still believers. Santa and Mrs. Claus will be leaving early Tuesday morning for their two week vacation to their villa in the Caribbean and plan on returning back to the North Pole the second week of January....

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News Update - December 19, 2022

The weekly news update featuring A Christmas Carol Published

All of the testing of the vertical take off and landings have been completed and now it is time for Santa himself to take the Red Zephyr out for a test. The test flight is scheduled for early Tuesday morning and Santa will have the entire team out for one last test and work out before delivery. If you have time to step outside and watch, we can guarantee you will see a spectacular flight show as Santa will put the sleigh and team through their paces. Every year this has been an amazing spectacle as Santa simulates all of the different situations that he experiences during his delivery night flight....

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News Update - December 12, 2022

The weekly news update featuring First to Visit the South Pole

The first four delivery satellites have been loaded and are ready for take off. All of the supervisors from the workshop and warehouses are reporting that they are a few days a head of schedule and will continue with this work pace just to make sure that there are no issues after all of the problems that have been experienced this year. Packaging and loading of the satellites will continue until all are packed and ready for take off. The workshop has already switched over to begin building products for next year, but wrapping will not begin until after the first of the year....

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News Update - December 5, 2022

The weekly news update featuring First Nobel Prizes Awarded

After a meeting with "Orville "Zinger" Yeardly - Flight Control Supervisor, Edward Hinklemyer, and the North Pole City Sports League, a new "no fly" order has been drafted and will be sent over to City Council for approval next week. This order stems from the accident that took place during the reindeer training session on Tuesday. "The outcome could have been much worse than it was, " said Santa. "Although it is fun to fly things in the air, we have to be safe." The new order will forbid any aircraft (including hot air balloons) or drones to be flown during the hours of reindeer training. It also grants the Division of Flight Control the power to confiscate any and all devices and aircraft if the order is not followed. A unanimous vote is expected by the council....

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News Update - November 28, 2022

The weekly news update featuring Release of Do they know it's Christmas?

Santa has asked all of the supervisors and team leaders of the workshops and warehouses to start checking over their inventory as he will begin checking his list twice on Monday morning. As you are aware, once this double check has been completed, the loading of the delivery satellites will begin in preparation for delivery night....

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News Update - November 21, 2022

The weekly news update featuring FDR Establishes modern Thanksgiving holiday

There was a shutdown this week at the workshop for a few hours due to a shortage of screws. Workers called over to the warehouse to have a new shipment brought in and it was discovered that almost 400,000 screws were missing from the warehouse. An emergency order was placed with the factory and enough was shipped over directly to the workshop to get the craftsman back to work. It is not known at this time if this was a theft, miscalculation in clerical, or again, some kind of sabotage....

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News Update - November 14, 2022

The weekly news update featuring President Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address

Santa's reindeer stables will be starting extra flight workouts for the team this week in preparation to their flight to New York for the Macy's Day parade next week. If you are not busy during your breaks and lunch you can step outside and cheer them on as they do their pass-overs and touch down take-offs all week long in city center. Santa is expected to join the team on Saturday morning as well to put them through their paces and maneuvers....

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