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Mark Trail

When Mark Trail made his way to the radio from the Sunday Funnies, he picked up a greater sense of adventure, but he still had time to teach kids about life in the Great Outdoors.

Mark Trail

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Mark Trail was a Sunday comics section feature by Ed Dodd , where Trail was a pipe-smoking, dark haired forest ranger who loved nature and told of its wonders. The strip showed kids the tracks of animals, and what they did in the winter when there was no food and was a great way for city kids to learn something about the big woods.

Of course, as brought to radio on Mutual by Kellogg's Pep cereal, all that quiet woodsy stuff like animal tracks wouldn't work, so the Mark Trail of radio was more along the lines of Sergeant Preston of the Yukon. Director Drexel Hines made action-hero Mark into a forest ranger who prowled the wilderness ready to stop baddies while teaching his pals Scotty and Cherry about nature, all wrapped up in an exciting, action-packed old time radio show. Three actors played Mark through its run: Matt Crowlye, John Larkin, and Staats Cotsworth.

Mark Trail's adventures were good, intelligent fun for the kids, and probably gave many future nature lovers one of their first chances to get excited about wild America. The show's beginning is a great example of taking a mild-mannered forest ranger and taking his job "over the top" with Mark Trail's "Battling the raging elements! Fighting the savage wilderness! Striking at the enemies of man and nature!"

The following is a listing of the shows that will be played on WELF-NPC Radio. Each week we will feature a new show from the list under the heading of show listed above. We will continue to rotate through this list until we remove the show from the radio station.

Show Title Originally Aired
Mystery of Satin's Glade lastEp N/A
Lumber King of Timber Mark Trail 01 (alt) 01/30/1950
Lumber King of Timber Mark Trail 01 01/30/1950
Polluted Waters-Floating Death 02 02/01/1950
Satan and the Devil's Heard 03 02/03/1950
Chief Lightfoot and the Buffalo 04 02/06/1950 Playing this week on WELF-NPC
Whisperfoot-Sheepkiller 08 02/15/1950
Wildlife Acres 15 03/03/1950
Vampires from the Deep 16 03/06/1950
Killer That Strikes from the Sky 17 03/08/1950
Rapids of No Return 19 03/17/1950
Rabid Foxes 22 03/20/1950
Eyeglass Monster 23 03/22/1950
Deluge 24 03/24/1950
Terror of Big Horn 25 03/27/1950
Coyotes of the Sky 28 04/03/1950
Miracle of Junction Valley 35 04/19/1950
Thumping Beaver 37 04/24/1950
Guardians of Tepee Rock 38 04/26/1950
Mystery of the Missing Deer 44 05/10/1950
Snake Hill Survey 46 05/15/1950
Claws of the Killer Bear 47 05/17/1950
White Camel 09/22/1950
Purse Strings of Danger 09/25/1950
Highway of Terror 10/06/1950
Monster of the Gulf 10/09/1950
Forty-Year Freeze 10/11/1950
Witch of Lost Forest 10/13/1950
Strange Invitation of Death 10/16/1950
Wings of the Vampire 10/18/1950
Killers of Lost Forest 10/20/1950
Sticks of Fear 10/23/1950
Silver Sky 10/25/1950
Avenging Arrow 10/27/1950
Snowy Owl Bounty 10/03/1951
Operation Eager Beaver 10/05/1951

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Mark Trail
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Mark Trail

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Mark Trail Mark Trail
When Mark Trail made his way to the radio from the Sunday Funnies, he picked up a greater sense of adventure, but he still had time to teach kids about life in the Great Outdoors.
Comic Weekly Man Comic Weekly Man
Based on what is published in the weekly paper, The Comic Weekly Man entertains us with a dramatized reading of the Sunday comics, complete with sound effects and music. Young and old alike would follow along with the print copy in hand.
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Christmas Crime Christmas Crime
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Christmas Detectives Christmas Detectives
Crime does not stop for Christmas, luckily the gumshoes are here with holiday gumdrops.
Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes
One of Santa's and Mrs. Claus' favorite Old Time Radio show is Sherlock Holmes. The game is afoot! as radio listeners get wrapped up in the twists and turns of their favorite consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes.
Untold History Revealed Untold History Revealed
No, this is not Christmas related, but Santa and the elves love history and this podcast is surely history related.
Suspense Suspense
Billed as Radio's Outstanding Theater of Thrills, Suspense offers the of the best of Old Time Radio. The series is the premier mystery-horror radio show with top name talent.
It's a Fibber Christmas It's a Fibber Christmas
Join the resident at 79 Wistful Vista for this jolly collection of Fibber McGee and Molly Christmas shows.
Classical Music Hour Classical Music Hour
The North Pole City Elves love all kinds of music, and classical music is one of their favorites. This hour is dedicated to classical music.
Rock Music Hour Rock Music Hour
The elves that work deep in the mountains mining all of the coal for Santa love rock music. This show is dedicated to them and all of their hard work.
Christmas Music Hour Christmas Music Hour
The Christmas Music Hour is one solid hour dedicated to Christmas Music.
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