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Cross Promoting with Other Small Businesses

Cross Promoting with Other Small Businesses

One way to grow your small business is to consider cross-promoting with other small businesses. This will help get your business in the eyes of a larger audience, as well as, help share some advertising costs.

Cross promoting is also a great way to network with another small business. Having someone that you can work with to share ideas or brainstorm on how to overcome some obstacles can sometimes be priceless and very important for the long term life of a small business.

Some ways you can cross promote would be to take turns being guest bloggers, or it can be as simple as printing joint promotional messages on each other’s receipts or hanging signs or posters to advertise for one another in your respective businesses. You also could drop each other’s flyers in your customers’ shopping bags.

If you want to step it up, you can create promotional videos to post on each other’s social media or create a joint ad to put in local shopping papers. If the partnership works out, you can use it as a successful example to partner with another business later.

Consider cross promotion with other small business to grow you audience and help them by growing their audience with yours.

Supporting all of the small business located in North Pole City

The North Pole Commerce Associaiton is here to help you with your small busines. Please be sure to contact us to get you registered within our business listing. If your business is located within North Pole City, membership is and will always be free.

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