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Cupid's Arrows Archery Game

Cupid's Arrows Archery Game

Cupid has been spending a lot of time up at the Department of Elfland Security offices. He also loves going over to Mrs. Claus' kitchen for lunch and spending some time with the elves as they take their breaks or have lunch in the cafeteria. Cupid and the elves also love passing the time coming up with new activities or games to play while they are sitting around together and relaxing. One day, a new simple game was put together with using some supplies they were able to find right there in the cafeteria.

Cupid carries with him a bow and arrow at all times. He says, "You never know when I may need them to help make couples fall in love." Since he has had these for a very long time, he is a very good shot with the bow and arrow. When Cupid notices that a little boost in love or romance needs to take place to push couples a little bit over the edge for falling in love, he will shoot either partner with one of his magical arrows to give them a little love boost, and they end up falling in love.

One day as he was in the cafeteria, he noticed some elves sitting over the corner talking. They were already done eating, so he flew over to them to talk to them. As he approached, he noticed that the elves were a little restless and playing a little skills game with a folded piece of paper and one of their spoons.

As he approached, the elves wanted to try it out with Cupid's bow and arrow. They wanted to setup a makeshift target there in the cafeteria and take turns having some target practice. Cupid's bow and arrow are not harmful if you get shot with them, but he told them that this wasn't a good idea due to the magic that was in his arrows, but as he looked over at the paper plates on the table, he came up with a good idea. He asked the elves to go and grab some supplies and bring them back to the table. Then he went to work on a little game they could play.

The Cupid's Arrow Archery Game is a very simple game that requires 4 paper plates and 2 straws, which were readily available in the cafeteria. It also requires some glue and scissors, but all of the workshop elves carry this on them in their tool belts anyways. Optionally, you can color your arrows and targets and this wasn't a problem at all since colored pencils are all over the cafeteria tables.

Once the game was drawn out and put together, Cupid and the elves spent a couple of hours right there in the cafeteria playing this little game. The elves were almost late getting back to work and they challenged him to another round the following day at lunch time.

To get your very own copy of the printable worksheet to make your own archery arrow game, click on the button below.

Cupid's Arrow Archery Game

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Cupid's Arrows Archery Game

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