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News Update - March 14, 2022

Featuring Albert Einstein's Birthday

News Update Transcript

To all North Pole City Elves, those in Santa’s Village, in the Lower 48 and all around the world, this is your weekly update for the week of March 14, 2022. I'm your host Walter "Mistletoe" Livingstone. Let's go to press.

For the week of March 14, 2022  your sponsor will be: Sammy’s Sugar and Spices.  Located at 1027  Gum Drop Way, Sammy’s Sugar and Spices carries all of those ingredients you need for those delicious elf recipes.  Stop by today and sign-up for a weekly delivery plan.   That’s Sammy’s Sugar and Spices.
Santa and the supervisors from the workshops and warehouses will be meeting on Tuesday to discuss plans about getting back on schedule.  With all of the disruptions up at Santa’s Village, it is reported that production is now three weeks behind.  There are no worries or major concerns at this time; however, Santa is concerned that if this trend continues the production schedule may be impacted beyond repair.  He refuses, however, to cancel any previously scheduled closures or vacations for the working elves in order to get caught up on production.  “Spring break, summer break, and holiday breaks will never be canceled,” said Santa.  “If we get too far behind, we will figure something out.  I’m not going to force these elves to work any type of overtime.”
Edward Hinklemyer has agreed to allow the Security Detail division to begin searching and investigating the outer areas around the city.  No more information is being provided at this time; however, if you do see patrols going out from the city, the Department of Elfland Security did not want you to be alarmed in any way.   They are continuing searches for any individual who may be causing the sabotage at Santa’s Village.
The Division of WWW/PR  has been making updates and posts for Lucky the Leprechaun’s webpage and have included some St. Patrick’s Day “Would you Rather” posts that have been out on social media.  If you have missed some of these posts, please check out TAOLF.com.
We have some snow in the forecast this coming week.  It has been a while since we have seen any snowfall, but not much is expected.  Snow will begin on Tuesday and we will have light snowfall each day for the rest of the week.
On March 14, 1879, Albert Einstein was born, to a Jewish electrical engineer in Ulm, Germany. Einstein’s theories of special and general relativity drastically altered human understanding of the universe, and his work in particle and energy theory helped make possible quantum mechanics.After a childhood in Germany and Italy, Einstein studied physics and mathematics at the Federal Polytechnic Academy in Zurich, Switzerland. He soon became a Swiss citizen and in 1905 was awarded a Ph.D. from the University of Zurich while working at the Swiss patent office in Bern. That year, which historians of Einstein’s career call the “miracle year”—he published five theoretical papers that were to have a profound effect on the development of modern physics.In the first of these, titled “On a Heuristic Viewpoint Concerning the Production and Transformation of Light,” Einstein theorized that light is made up of photons that demonstrate particle-like properties while collectively behaving like a wave. The hypothesis, an important step in the development of quantum theory, was arrived at through Einstein’s examination of the photoelectric effect, a phenomenon in which some solids emit electrically charged particles when struck by light. This work would later earn him the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics.Through the years, Einstein had further papers published including his paper announcing that mass and energy were equivalent and could be calculated with an equation, E=mc2.He later settled in the United States, where he accepted a post at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. He would remain there for the rest of his life, working on his unified field theory and relaxing by sailing on a local lake or playing his violin. He became an American citizen in 1940.In 1950, he published his unified field theory, which was quietly criticized as a failure. A unified explanation of gravitation, subatomic phenomena, and electromagnetism remains elusive today. Albert Einstein, one of the most creative minds in human history, died in Princeton in 1955.
If you would like to participate in the North Pole City Commerce Cocoa Pub crawl on St. Patrick’s Day, there are sign-ups and scavenger hunt forms now at every Cocoa Pub throughout the city.  Once you have completed your scavenger hunt, you can turn it in at the North Pole City Commerce Association offices.  Winners will be announced next week.
North Pole City Sports reported a great turn out at the Elf Speed Racing event last week.  There was a tie for second and third place with Jacob “Snickerdoodle” Appleton  again coming in with first place. Jacob has won this event the past 12 times and the league is calling him the fastest elf in North Pole City.
On March 10, 2022 the annual elf concert for International Bagpipe Day took place in the city center.  This is not a favorite for Santa’s reindeer, but all was fine since Reindeer Handler Elf  Lilly Cocoa decided to take them out for a special workout while the concert was being held.  With St. Patrick’s Day on Thursday, March 17, all workshops and warehouses will be closed for the day so that all can take part in the parades and festivities going on throughout the city.   Work will resume at 9 a.m. on Friday morning.
WELF-NPC would like to wish a very happy 550th birthday to Lily "Tinsel" Cumberbatch.  Everyone in the city knows Lily, she is the head cashier at the Village Bank and loves greeting everyone with a smile when they come into the bank.  We wish you very many more happy years.

This is Walter “Mistletoe” Livingstone with the reminder: Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work..

Have a good evening, and be sure to tune in next week for another WELF-NPC North Pole Radio News Update.


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News Update - March 14, 2022

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