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News Update - May 23, 2022

The weekly news update featuring "Dracula" goes on sale in London

To all North Pole City Elves, those in Santa's Village, in the Lower 48 and all around the world, this is your weekly update for the week of May 23, 2022. I'm your host Walter "Mistletoe" Livingstone and I'm your co-host, Becky "Marshmallow" Livingstone, Let's go to press.


For the week of May 23, 2022 your sponsor will be Frosty's Ice Emporium. Located right on City Center, Frosty's Ice Emporium supplies the ice for all of Santa's Village and North Pole City. If you need ice for your fridge or just some for a party, contact Frosty's Ice Emporium today for a FREE delivery.

Santa's Village Update

Update from Santa's Village. During the fishing tournament this weekend at Polar Bear Lake it was discovered that several packages from warehouse number 8 had been sunken into the lake. These packages have been fully retrieved and explains the discrepancy in the inventory accounts at the workshop. All of the packages were destroyed due to being water logged and will have to be remade; however, all of the inventory tags have been recovered which will help them figure out which gifts were missing. "There is definitely someone trying to interrupt this year's deliveries", said Santa, "but we will get all caught up and to the bottom of who is causing these issues."

Department of Elfland Security

Edward Hinklemyer has issued an order for the Security and Investigation Division of the Department of Elfland Security to conduct complete forensic investigations of warehouse number 8 and the North part of Polar Bear Lake to try to recover any evidence that may help in the department's determination of who may be causing these issues up at Santa's Village. The division can now dedicate more resources to the investigation.

TAOLF.com Updates

The division of WWW/PR posted an article on Mother Nature's website this week talking about Leafy Sea Dragons and how to draw them. This is one of Mother Nature's favorite hobbies when she is trying to relax and enjoy nature. The article explains the creatures and provides a link to another website that will walk you through a tutorial on how you can go step-by-step and draw them yourself.

NPC Weather Update

This week is going to have warm temperatures into the 60's. Temperatures will be highest in late afternoon. Little precipitation is expected with just about a 1% chance throughout the week. Looks like great weather for everyone to get out and enjoy!

WELF-NPC North Pole City Radio

The WELF-NPC North Pole City Radio station is back to regularly scheduled programing. Be sure to tune in for Corby Snow's Morning Show every morning, the Rock Hour and Classical Hour every afternoon. On Friday nights you can listen to Friday Night Mysteries and on Saturday Morning, the Saturday Serials.

This Week in Elf History

It was on May 26, 1897 that the first copies of the classic vampire novel Dracula, by Irish writer Bram Stoker, appeared in London bookshops .

Stoker would publish 17 novels in all, but it was his 1897 novel Dracula that earned him literary fame and became known as a masterpiece of Victorian-era Gothic literature.

Dracula was written in the form of diaries and journals of its main characters. Dracula is the story of a vampire who makes his way from Transylvania— now in Romania—to Yorkshire, England, and preys on innocents there to get the blood he needs to live. Stoker had originally named the vampire “Count Wampyr.” Allegedly, he changed the name after he found the name Dracula in a book on Wallachia and Moldavia written by retired diplomat William Wilkinson, which he borrowed from a Yorkshire public library during his family’s vacations there.

Vampires, humanoid organisms who left their burial places at night to drink the blood of humans, were popular figures in folk tales from ancient times, but Stoker’s novel catapulted them into the mainstream of 20th-century literature. Upon its release, Dracula enjoyed only moderate success, in fact, when Stoker died in 1912 none of his obituaries even mentioned Dracula by name. Sales did not began to take off until the 1920s, when the novel was adapted for Broadway. "Dracula mania" kicked of when Universal Studios' blockbuster 1931 film, starring the Hungarian actor Bela Lugosi portraying Count Dracula. Dozens of vampire-themed movies, television shows and literature followed, though Lugosi, with his exotic accent, remains the quintessential Count Dracula.

Bram Stoker's novel Dracula is now a public domain work and can be read freely. One such place to read it is with Project Gutenberg

The 1931 movie can be viewed via Internet Archive as well.

(Please note that this novel and film adaptation may not be appropriate for very young elves, but can be enjoyed by older elves.)

North Pole City Commerce

The North Pole City Commerce will be accepting nominations for officers at next month's meeting. All positions on the board for the commerce association serve a term of 5 years and 2022 is one of the election years. If you have any suggestions or nominations please attend next month's meeting to submit your requests. There are five positions on the association's board; President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership Liaison.

North Pole City Council

The North Pole City Council is reporting that there are only two more city streets left on the street and sidewalk replacement project. These are expected to be addressed sometime within the next couple of weeks since there is now a shortage of sand for the project. The crews will stop work on the project and take all of their trucks out to the mines at Dark Mountains to bring in some sand for the project. They may have to lay in a new road out to the mines due to the warmer temperatures we are experiencing since the existing pathway is now extremely muddy and flooded out in some areas. There are concerns of the trucks getting stuck hauling in the sand for the project.

NPC Sports League

The North Pole City Sports League is still going over the events that will be in this year's Reindeer Games. Some of the popular events will be coming back with some of the not so popular ones being replaced. If you have any suggestions for events for the games, now is the time to submit them to the league for consideration. They will be reviewing all requests and making final decisions shortly.

Community Events

Mother Nature in conjunction with Mrs. Claus will be sponsoring the annual "Picnic Basket Relay" and luncheon this Thursday at noon in City Center. This event is open to all within North Pole City and Santa's village. All workers are encouraged to come out in teams with your coworkers for the event. Each team will race to unpack, set up, and repack the perfect picnic. You are asked to bring your own supplies for the picnic, but it is required that there is a blanket, two place settings, and a minimum of total 20 items. This is a great event to learn who loses their patience under pressure and who can keep calm and setup the best picnic-scape. Time will be allocated after the event for everyone to enjoy a picnic lunch in city center. Mrs. Claus' Kitchen and Cafeteria will be closed on this day and will be providing beverages and dessert for the event.

Elf Birthdays

WELF-NPC North Pole City Radio would like to wish a very happy 700 th birthday to Marcus "Widdler" Scarborough. Marcus has been a wooden toy maker at Santa's Workshop every since the age of 50. In his spare time he now loves to make very detailed ice sculptures. You have probably seen some of his featured work at various banquets and events throughout the city. We would like to wish you many more happy years.

This is Walter "Mistletoe" Livingstone and Becky "Marshmallow" Livingstone with the reminder: The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ~ Walt Disney.

Have a good evening, and be sure to tune in next week for another WELF-NPC North Pole Radio News Update.


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News Update - May 23, 2022

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