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News Update - February 27, 2023

The weekly news update featuring Live from Polar Plunge/Dr. Seuss Born

To all North Pole City Elves, those in Santa's Village, in the Lower 48 and all around the world, this is your weekly update for the week of February 27, 2023. I'm your host Walter "Mistletoe" Livingstone and I'm your co-host, Becky "Marshmallow" Livingstone, Let's go to press.


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Santa's Village Update

Santa and Mrs. Claus are expected to be at their cabin at Polar Bear Lake for the Polar Bear Day celebration this week. The cabin out at the lake is always ready for the Claus' to arrive and either spend the day or a weekend for some much needed relaxation and camp related activities. If you are out at Polar Bear Lake this week for the celebration, Mrs. Claus said to stop by as she will be making a large vat of Hot Cocoa and snickerdoodles and would love for you to stop get some refreshments and just say, "hello".

Department of Elfland Security

The North Pole City Post Office has asked Edward Hinklemyer to stop by the offices this week to see the new additions made to the Santa letter sorting machine. It is expected that these new updates will increase the sorting speed by close to 80% more efficiency and they are very proud to show off their new machinery. Edward is expected to be at the post office Wednesday morning.

TAOLF.com Updates

No website updates have been made to the TAOLF.com website due to the division of WWW/PR elves being on leave. We hope they are all getting some rest and relaxation so they can stay healthy and happy.

They are expected to return Tuesday and have a meeting scheduled for Wednesday with Edward Hinklemyer.

NPC Weather Update

Temperatures are expected to be between -26 and -29 throughout the week with a mix of sun and clouds. No snow is expected again this week, with the highest probability of any precipitation at a 20% chance everyday. Enjoy the sunshine!

This Week in Elf History

Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known to the world as Dr. Seuss, the author and illustrator of such children’s books known for their whimsical rhymes and quirky characters like "The Cat in the Hat" and "Green Eggs and Ham," was born in Springfield, Massachusetts on March 2, 1904.

Geisel, used his middle name as his pen name, which as it turns out was his mother's maiden name and he added the "Doctor" to his pen name because his father had always wanted him to practice medicine. He had a few other pen names as well including "LeSieg" or "Geisel" spelled backward, Rosetta Stone in honor of his second wife Audrey, whose maiden name was Stone.

He wrote approximately 60 works all together—including some for adults—that have sold for decades and have been translated into multiple languages. Many Dr. Seuss books have been adapted for television and film, including "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" and "Horton Hears a Who!" Geisel had no children of his own, often saying of children: "You have 'em; I'll entertain 'em." He also Drew political cartoons for newspapers and was involved in producing animated training films, posters, booklets and documentaries for the US Army during WWII, and had articles and illustrations published in numerous magazines, including LIFE and Vanity Fair as well as a cartoon in the July 1927 issue of The Saturday Evening Post.

Dr. Seuss's honors include two Academy Awards, two Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award, the Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal, the Inkpot Award and a special Pulitzer Prize. Dr. Seuss also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

His first bestseller, “The Cat in the Hat,” was published in 1957. The story of a mischievous cat in a tall striped hat came about after his publisher asked him to produce a book using 220 new-reader vocabulary words that could serve as an entertaining alternative to the school reading primers children found boring. In 1990, Geisel published a book for adults titled “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” that has become a popular graduation gift for high school and college students.

Geisel died September 24, 1991, at age 87, and published for the first time in 1996 was "My Many Colored Days" that was written by Dr Seuss in 1973. It is said that he intended this book to be his farewell offering.

The National Education Association has chose his birthday to start Read Across America Day which is celebrated every year since 1998 on March 2.

North Pole City Commerce

The North Pole City Commerce Association will be opening its new building addition on March 3rd for elves to come in and share their soups or for any elf to come grab a hot soup snack for Soup it Forward Day. Commerce Association members will be providing their signature soups, but all are encouraged to bring in a soup to share. The association plans to have soups available from 11 am to 6 pm so stop by for lunch or a light dinner.

Commerce Association member Daisy "Snow" Cumberbatch of The Sparkling Snowflake says, "Giving soup represents kindness. Soup is a warm meal that is not only nutritious, but also is a symbol of help and gratitude. We thought this would be a perfecrt event to hold in our new building addition to show the gratitude we have for all the elves who help keep North Pole City the greatest Place to live and work in the world."

NPC Sports League

In the North Pole Snowball Games this week, the events held were Snowball Dot Counts, Snowball Melt, and Mini Snowmen. Some of the snowmen made were so cute! The tallest one was by Alan "Lollypop" Winterboune of the Sugar Bowl 's team.Alan was extremely excited as he has never been in the top 10 tallest mini snowmen before and to win has been very special.

Still in the lead again after tis week's games is Love at First Snowflake with 128 points and in a three way tie for second place with 126 points are Jolly Elf, Noel's Cozy Corner, and The Red Bow.

Coming up this week we have the final 3 games - Spooned Snowball Race, Snowball Shuffle, and Make Snowballs after which we will see which four teams will be headed to the semifinals. Good luck to all the teams.

Community Events

For the last day of February - the 28th it is National Pancake Day. Start your day off with a shortstack at The Cocoa House. Rocco and the gang will be flipping pancakes bright and early and offering a Free WELF-NPC Cocoa Mug with the first 1000 shortstack orders.

On March 1st it is Share a Smile Day & World Compliment Day. Be sure to smile at everyone you see and pay at least one compliment to an elf you don't know.

Then on the 3rd, it is Soup it Forward Day at the Commerce Association between 11 amd and 6 pm.

On the 4th clelbrate March Forth Day. Encourage everyone to work towards achieving their dreams. Take a stand against procrastination or ideas that discourage us from even trying and march forward on the path to your dreams.

Finally on the 5th we celebrate Namesake Day, a day set aside for people to investigate the origin of their names. The Division of History and Research is opening their doors all day to any elf who wants to research their family origins. It is also Reel Film Day-so the theater is showing old reel films of North Pole Elves and will have an evening showing of everone's favorite, The Elf Prophecies.

Elf Birthdays

WELF-NPC would like to wish a very happy 350th birthday to Lucille "Sugar" Twinklestein who is a elf from the Office of Naughty or Nice List. She has worked at the Office of Naughty or Nice List for 150 years and Lucille is in charge of the cross-checks for each child in the state of Montana's Naughty and Nice entries. We wish her many more happy years.

This is Walter "Mistletoe" Livingstone and Becky "Marshmallow" Livingstone with the reminder: Only love makes us see ordinary things, in an extraordinary way..

Have a good evening, and be sure to tune in next week for another WELF-NPC North Pole Radio News Update.


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News Update - February 27, 2023

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